Monday, December 7, 2015

weekender: the beginning of wrestling season

hi beautiful loves! 

This is the time of year where our weekends are less weekend-y and more weekish which is fun and exhausting at the same time!

Friday night started with the first of two days of wrestling! It was my first time meeting Tripp's team and I must confess...I couldn't love them more! They are some sweet and funny dudes (+ one girl which I am all team #Iamwomanheremeroar). This best picture I could get of Tripp that night!

They got done wrestling at 12:am on Friday night, only to be back at 8am the next morning...#colormepooped
{snapchat: lindsaymclovin}

We got done after lunch time went and grabbed a pizza so we could eat and pass out for a nap! Woke up 4 hours later to finally watch The Wiz which was AMAZING, y'all. I LOVED ITTT! 

Favorite Part: SANG NEYO, SANG!

Sunday, we skipped morning church from exhaustion...squeezed in a run then the good thing about the church we are visiting now is that they have a night option so we were able to still attend a service (yay for night church!).

then's us!

yay! happy monday to y'all! linking up with Biana!


  1. Glad the wrestling went well! Your picture at the end of the post is so cute.

  2. You're such a good wife to go to the early meets and stay late!! Glad you had a nice Sunday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Love that your church has an evening service, I've had those Sunday mornings where you just need to rest plenty of times!

  4. You two are cute, cute, cute!! Sounds like a fun weekend and good for you supporting your hubs at his tournaments!!!

  5. I am so sad I missed The Wiz! I should have just taped it but I completely forgot! And that's so sweet you go to your hubby's tournaments! What an awesome wife! :) <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. I still haven't seen The Wiz! I was having a Friends marathon and totally forgot when it was on haha!

  7. Aww, I feel like it would be fun to be a coach's wife. I also love that y'all were able to go to night Church. Sometimes we go on Saturday night and it's my favorite because I get to sleep in on Sunday :)

  8. Such a sweet wife to go and support your hubby and his team all weekend. I love this

  9. I'd never seen The Wiz before but I LOVED the live broadcast. Ne-Yo was amazing <3

  10. Seems like y'all have been busy! So glad you found a church that works for your schedule!!


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