Monday, December 14, 2015

Gift Guide || Gifts that give back

hi cheery loves! 

I'm sorry for being MIA last week but that strep I was afraid of getting kept me down for most of the week and the whole weekend. I had a weekend full of plans  and I only ended up getting to do one of the things on my list....pretty much a bummer! That being said, I didn't want to bore y'all with pictures of me in my jammies, or me taking mucinex or me drooling on my pillow soo I thought I'd share a gift guide. I wouldn't be a blogger if I didn't have at least ONE gift guide for y'all. Gifts that give back are my favorite! I LOVE having jewelry, a handbag or a tee shirt that I know is doing some good while I enjoy it in all of its cuteness!

 1|| Wear Your Label
Y'all know by now that mental health is something I am deeply passionate about, well this company is out to break stigmas so I am more than happy to help them out. They have great partners in the Mental Health community, such as the Semicolon Project and they are all doing huge things for a group of people that have my heart.

The Bracelet Project-  "Uniting fighters, survivors and's a subtle reminder of strength"

2|| 31 Bits
This is a company created by college students to help the women in Uganda. 5 years later, they have created a program where each female employer "receives health education, finance training, counseling and business training." The women receive income, holistic care and a 5 year education where at the end they are prepared to be their own business owner. Added benefit, the jewelry is BEAUTIFUL!

3|| Love Your Melon-
These beanies are so stinkin' cute and I have been checking this company out for a few months first it was the attractive beanie calling this hat lover but I quickly discovered this company is doing so much good that I had to investigate more. For every beanie you purchase, LYM gives 50% of net proceeds to CureSearch and the PinkySwear Foundation. Sidenote: If you know of a child in need of a beanie, you can have a hat requested to be sent to them in the hospital {love that part}!

This mocha one is definitely on my wish list!

4|| Sevenly-
A graphic tee shirt {which are my favs!} where they have they have daily/weekly campaigns with a goal in mind where 7% or $7 of your purchase proceeds go to reach that goal. I love looser fits so the men's shirts are more my style, the women's are great for ladies that like a tighter fit. The cause for today is Knots of Love and a few of the shirts goes to a cause specifically everyday that never changes.

A few more companies to touch on:
5|| I talked about Warby Parker last week where for every set of glasses you buy, they give a pair to someone in need.
6|| Everyone knows of TOMS by now. Buy a pair of shoes, they send a pair to someone in need.
7|| I love everything that To Write Love On Her Arms does for suicide prevention. Great company that deserves support with really cute items!

Let me know what companies you guys love that give back! Have y'all checked any of these out?! 


  1. What great gift ideas, lady! I'll have to check some of these out and share them, too!

  2. I love all of these! So wonderful to buy from companies that give back! Thanks for sharing and hope you're feeling better :)

  3. LOVE! So many great ideas for giving back. Hope you're feeling better too! It's no fun being sick on the weekends, but at least you got some R&R in your PJs!!

  4. What a great gift guide!! I love gifts with a purpose :)

    - Seri

  5. I love that Live Loud shirt, its perfect for an Auburn fan!

  6. So many great gifts and even greater companies! You can never go wrong with a pair of TOMS!

  7. Love all of these gift ideas, girly! I hope you're feeling better... strep is AWFUL! Hopefully this week will be better for you! XO

  8. These are fantastic companies. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  9. I love it all. These are my favorite kind of of everything for me!!

  10. I love the idea of all these gifts! The jewelry is super cute...I need to check that out!

  11. This is best gift guide I've seen this year! :) such great companies to support!

  12. Linds, I absolutely love these ideas!! Especially the jewelry company that supports women in Uganda! That speaks directly to my feminist heart...not to mention it's BEAUTIFUL!!!

  13. That jewelry is beautiful! And I wish I could rock a beanie! You'll have to post a picture when you get yours :)

  14. I am in love with that brown Love Your Melon hat too! Such cute finds! Hope you are feeling better!

  15. Oh man, I love TWLOHA. What a great cause. And the rest of these I need to look into. Such awesome items and the fact that they donate is amazing. A win-win for all!

    Glad that you're feeling better! Strep is the worst!

  16. Thanks for the introduction to some really great causes/brands!


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