Tuesday, November 3, 2015

it's the holiday season?

hi my beautiful people!

I normally do the Show and Tell Tuesday link up but the topic was "A Day In The Life" and I truly did not want to bore y'all to death ha! So I am being selfish today and just hope y'all enjoy it. I'm sharing some of my favorite holiday things currently. I am actually not really feeling christmas-y here, I mean the weather is mediocre cold so that doesn't help and I'm just not feeling all warm inside yet, ya know. I'm also thinking that this is my first Christmas home since my brother died so I know that's not gonna be easy, last year it was so NICE to escape the normal holiday duties and make new memories that I forgot for a little bit about how life really was but now I'm smack dab back in the middle of normal holidays.

My thought is that maybe if I share some of my favorites it will help jumpstart my holiday spirit, so a few of my favorites when every holiday season:

Not the best quality but this song kills me everytime! Hilarious, I hope this year on the SNL Christmas show they do it again.

My favorite Christmas song, the song puts me in the spirit with just the first few notes of music.

My favorite Christmas movie {it's a nancy meyers so obviously}!
Trying to fight becoming this for Christmas....fingers crossed.
Tripp is super picky and this year I am going to attempt to make the dressing for our Thanksgiving, wish me luck! He isn't a veggies guy so the one with the least amount of ingredients he doesn't know the better, ha!

My favorite Christmas episode of any show is in the first season of The Andy Griffith Show...if you don't know it, that's the whole episode in the link....WATCH.NOW.
CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! No joke, they are my favorite part. I could honestly do without a tree even if I could just have Christmas lights up. Something about them just make me happy. PS. This isn't my house but I'd take that dog!

Thanks for letting me share my favorites, hoping I can kick myself into the spirit soon! Share with me some of your favorites that help you get into the spirit?! 



  1. This post makes me soooooooo happy! Cheers to the holiday season!

  2. I watch the Holiday every single year - it's my favorite!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Yay! I LOVE Christmas and everything about it. Love the Holiday!! I also watch Love Actually every year too. Can't wait for all the festiveness!!

  4. I seriously cannot believe the holiday season is already here! What happened to October?!?! Can't wait to watch The Holiday though, such a cute movie!! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Love The Holiday - I just fell into one day & thought it was the best movie!

  6. Holiday lights are my favorite part of the year! That and it finally cools down enough to wear my scarves and boots ;-)

  7. Girl, that SNL clip is hysterical every single time! I love all of their old holiday skits! Never gets old!

    And I LOOOOVE The Holiday. One of the best!

  8. THE HOLIDAY!!! This is a year round movie :) and Christmas lights always put me in the mood. Can't wait to see how your recipe for Tripp turns out!!

  9. The Holiday is so good! This post is making me get so excited for the holidays!!!

  10. I am definitely not in the Christmas spirit yet. Get me to thanksgiving first!! I am obsessed with Christmas lights too. Just so so pretty!

  11. I actually have never seen the holiday so I think I should make that happen this year.

    I'm not huge on the holidays. I lost my mom several years ago and my brother blames me for the whole thing so I really don't have any family anymore. It's hard but I try to throw myself into the holiday spirit and it usually doesn't work. Last years was the worst. But I'm going to try again with my new roommate. We get along so well that I think this one might actually be a good one.

    I freaking love the Grinch. Love it.

  12. Christmas still feels SO far away to me, but reading this made me realize it really is right around the corner. So exciting!!!


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