Thursday, July 16, 2015

our little lives lately

Hi friends! 
Wow, guys it has been quite the week since I talked to y'all last! We had the family slip and slide party on Saturday which I thought was a blast, only to find out a few hours later that my granddaddy [who was at the party] had a mild stroke later that evening so we spent the rest of Saturday night in the emergency room [please keep him in your prayers!] Then I started feeling bad on Monday, literally bad enough to not talk to you guys :( went to the doctor yesterday to find out I had sun poisoning. Sooooo now I'm back! whew! I've missed y'all and glad I feel coherent enough to be back in my little blogosphere!

This was us face-timing my granddaddy when we heard he started feeling bad! [he clearly did not get the concept :) love that guy!]
 my grandmother, granddaddy, poppa and uncle al at our little shindig earlier that day!

jordyn and baby koko 
the food spread! 

Y'all I am extremely proud of my aunts who braved the slide like champs!

I think Levi had more fun than anyone!

One of the cooling centers we had set up!
Nana and Ciarra
Popsicle Central! [it was literally a 100 degrees that day y'all]

Tripp was Mr. Grill Master [we learned that day that Tripp does not multi-task ha!]
and two videos for your enjoyment! 

See y'all tomorrow for Friday Favorites! 


  1. Was I there? At my age, I can't remember.

  2. Mmmm all that food looks delicious - what a nice spread!!


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