Monday, July 6, 2015

F-E-E-T [what's on #7]

So feet aren't the most attractive things, am I right?! Well I can't say I am a big shoe girl really,  I normally have about 3 go to pairs each season and I'll wear those suckers OUT for real.

Last year I found some Skechers [birkenstock type] sandals that I loveeeddd and wore into the winter [so bad that one of my friends would bet even when it was freezing that I was going to have them on], well clearly they wore out and so I tried a pair from Target that just aren't as comfy and durable as my beloveds.

So for this season of Summer I am suffering through these shoes...
&&& I am loving these as my gym shoes...

I hate to say it but those are my two shoe babies for the summer. so bad, right?! I need more shoes. or just a new pair of skechers sandals.

Check back tomorrow y'all! 


  1. Those Birkenstocks are coming back....gosh I used to wear them when I was a kid but now I see them on everyone. That's so funny! Happy Monday!

    1. haha they are usually ridiculously comfy but definitely not the most attractive shoe! Thanks for the read, girl!

  2. I'm not a huge shoe girl either!! Twins!



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