Thursday, June 25, 2015

our little lives lately....

This is what my week has been all about...hospitals, work, cleaning, chauffeuring, waiting, praying, worrying!
Here is what's been going on lately!
[I looked over and saw these two sitting in my office last week- Uncle Al and Mama]

[on the way to #tgif small group]
[our friday night small group that we joined in on this week #goodfood! #tgif]

[you moms think you don't get any alone time, look who hung out with me in the bathroom #ignorethegrossbathroomtile #hateit]

 [godchild's baby shower in Atlanta, it was southern belle themed!]

[the party favors were these mason jars #precious]

[best shower food I've ever had!]

[godparents! tripp mid chew]

[more importantly, the PARENTS! how cute are they!? Pray for these beautiful people because they may be having miss sydney today which would make her around 32 1/2 - 33 weeks, prayers prayers!]

 [I mentioned that while we were in Atlanta, we got a call that my grandmother was being rushed to the ER. She spent 3 nights in the hospital but is back home, thank goodness. Luckily, she was in the same hospital and on the same floor as Tripp's grandmother so we were easily able to see both. Keep Tripp's Grandmother in your prayers. FYI we are tired of our people being in hospitals!]

[Sunday, we spent time with Tripp's family for Father's Day. How sweet is this?! Uncle Tripp is the best!]

[I forgot to post the guys I celebrated this Father's Day..My Granddaddy is my heart. Poppa shows me God's word. Uncle Al keeps me sassy. Dad taught me my independence.]

Thanks for checking out my week!

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