26 before 26

It was so weird to just type that title, y'all! Time goes by so fast, cliche but so real. I really want to accomplish more this year, I look back at 24 and I'm just not happy with it! This year that changes!

1. implement saving into my budget
2. get life insurance
3. look into botox #notashamed
4. make a bed time of at least 10pm on weekdays
5. learn to love my body in whatever shape it may be
6. eat fast food a maximum of {3x a month}
7. meditate 5 days a week
8. learn to wear lipstick
9. do yoga 3 days a week
10. read 1 book a month
11. find a new hobby
12. learn a new language
13. have a date night at least 2x a month
14. lead a small group
15. open my business
16. become a tea connoisseur
17. grow Not A Mom
18. get a facial {I've actually never had one}
19. learn how to braid {sad but true, I don't know how}
20. plant a garden
21. whiten my teeth {it's an obsession}
22. take a dance class
23. visit Lake Jackson, Ala {it's where they filmed Big Fish and I love that movie}
24. cut out sodas
25. get family pictures made {major fail for 2015}
26. volunteer somewhere I'm passionate about

Excited to tackle this!

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