Friday, November 18, 2016

LOL weekly favs

hi beautiful friends!

It's been such a long time since I've done a Friday favorites but I'm ecstatic to be posting because this is always a peppy little post in maybe what can be a long week!

I've had "It Ends With Us" requested from the library for a few weeks now since hearing rave reviews and it finally came through this past week! I don't know if I just didn't pay much attention to what everyone was saying that the book would be about but I went into it thinking it would just be love a story...holy poop. I read it in ONE day and when I finished I spent about 20 minutes sobbing into a towel. It wrecked me and I loved it. Growing up with domestic violence I was just completed destroyed by this story and how relatable it was to my heart. GET IT. READ IT. NOW!


Gilmore Guys..I mean is there any other better way to gear up for next Friday's release then listening to these guys?!


I do love a good subscription box and this one fits the new crunchy side that I've been embracing recently. You can join at anytime and always receive the box in order of 1st Month- Detox, 2nd Month- Nourish and I believe the 3rd Month will be Pure. I seriously look forward to it!

linking up!

I've loved having a week back with you guys! See you Monday!


  1. I literally LOL'd watching the Gilmore Guys rap - can't wait for Friday ! Thanks for posting

  2. It Ends With Us TOTALLY wrecked me too. I misread what it was about - as did you - and then was totally shocked and torn by this book!


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